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Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin
Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin
Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin
Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin
Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin
Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin
Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin
Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin

Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin

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Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin

  • The Ultimate Driver Friendly Car Waste Bin - Eyes On The Road, Hand On The Wheel
The recent advancements in the innovative features of cars have been in leaps and bounds, refining our driving experience on all levels. The one thing that is missing, the one thing that we still need, however, is a way to satisfy that very basic and fundamental needgetting rid of our waste

    • Our ultimate driver-friendly car waste bin offers you the perfect solution to an everyday problem, with zero compromises to your driving experience and to your car's functions thanks to all of its features and benefits.
    Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin
      • With so much of our time spent in the car commuting from point A to point B, it’s inevitable that we accumulate those sandwich papers, chocolate wrappers, water bottles, empty cans or used wipes. As we can all attest to, there’s only so much those tiny side compartments in the doors can hold.

      • Our Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin is used with no distractions, allowing you to focus on what matters most while you're on the road, the road itself. There is no need to take your eyes off the road for even a split second; you simply reach your hand back and dispose of your waste on the go

      Dispose of waste, replace the bag, repeat.
      • It's made from premium materials that match your car’s interior, allowing it to seamlessly blend in. With recycling pack allows you to separate your organic from your recyclable waste upon disposal - "Recyclable Waste" and "Organic Waste". This eliminates the need to sort out your waste after you’ve removed the garbage bag from the car.

      • Every inch of our car’s interior has an important role in shaping our driving experience. Strategically mounted onto the back of the front seat with an expandable yet slim body, it does not compromise the legroom for passengers in the backseat, or any other function of your car. 

      • Designed in a flexible V-shaped, it expands progressively as it fills up, and conceals a standard ‘small size’ disposable garbage bag. With the magnetic closure function, it opens and closes with extreme ease and ensures a tight seal

      • Additional, as its tight seal, means that you can dispose of any food product without concern for the odor attaching to the upholstery of your car or tainting the air you breathe. Avoiding the escape of any odors and preventing their dissipation keeps your car’s aroma as fragrant and fresh as new.

      • We understand that the leak-proof feature is of utmost importance as preserving and protecting your car’s interior from leakage and stains is undoubtedly a prime priority. Whether it’s an empty soft drink can, a juice bottle or a disposable coffee cup, hesitate not to just throw it in.
      • Every aspect of Car Waste Bin was conceptually designed to give the driver and the passengers the best user-experience.

      • High-quality fiber plastics
      Package Contents
      • Reusable Magnetic Closure Car Waste Bin x 1


      • We do not recommend keeping waste for extended periods of time inside the waste bag.
      • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


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